4 reasons Mexican food has gained popularity

Mexican foods have gained immense popularity in recent times in the US and all over the world. You will find thousands of restaurants now sprawling the streets of America and the other countries. Here are some reasons for its popularity.

The refugees brought it

The most traditional Mexican dish, tortilla wrapped around meat, has been there since the time of the ancient Aztecs. During the Mexican Revolution, the refugees brought Mexican dishes to the U.S. Slowly people started appreciating the food and it spread in the restaurants all over the U.S.

Healthy food

Avocado and chia, mostly eaten by the Mexicans are very healthy. They provide energy and helps to maintain a healthy body. Many Mexican foods contain avocado and chia, so Mexican food has become popular as a healthy food choice.

Different taste

The tastes of Mexican food are unique. People like the ingredients and the spices that are added to make Mexican food. This different taste of food has made Mexican dishes popular.

Easy to prepare

You can even prepare Mexican dishes at home. You will find all the ingredients in superstores. The dishes are easy to prepare and takes less time.

Mexican dishes are now very popular all over the world. Most restaurants have Mexican dishes as one of their major meals. Next time when you dine out, try some Mexican dishes. You will love the flavor and taste of these dishes and will definitely come back for more.

5 tips for eating healthy at a restaurant

Dining out is an entertainment. We often go to restaurants on weekends with family and friends. Even when are too busy to cook, we go to a restaurant. Nowadays, people have become more health conscious than before. They try to eat healthy food. But when you dine out you have very little control over the food. It is possible to eat healthy food at a restaurant as well. Here are some tips to eat healthy at a restaurant.

Choose the right restaurant

There are hundreds of restaurants in your locality. You can now easily check the menus of these restaurants by visiting their sites or using mobile apps. Select a restaurant that offers healthy food. You should avoid eating fried and fatty foods.

Choose the menu carefully

You should choose a salad for sure along with your main meal. Then choose low-fat foods like fish and vegetables. Try to avoid fried foods or those containing butter and cheese. It’s better to choose boiled and gravy food.

Choose the right portion

Don’t order an extra large meal. You can offer smaller portion that will be enough to fill your stomach. You should avoid overeating; otherwise, you will gain weight.

Choose drink wisely

Instead of ordering any carbonated drinks or hard drinks, it is better to order plain water. That’s the healthiest option. You can order any diet drink, if available at the restaurant.

Skip the dessert

No matter how delicious that pastry or ice cream might look, you should skip the dessert. If there are fresh fruits available then you can order that.

Follow these tips before you go to a restaurant for dinner. This way you will be able to enjoy the food without worrying too much about your health.

Infographic by: www.diabetesforecast.org

4 most popular Chinese dishes that you must try

So you like Chinese food? Well, people all over the world are very fond of Chinese food. The sauces they use in their food are just unique and tastes really good. Here are the most popular Chinese dishes that you must try.



Wontons are very popular in China and all over the world. It is a very traditional dish. Inside the dough, there can be meat or dried shrimp. You can either boil it and place it in your soup or fry it and eat it as an appetizer.


Spring rolls

These are cylindrically shaped rolls made with special spring roll wrappers. For the filling, you have a variety of options. You can choose vegetables, meat or a mixture of both. The taste of the filling can be sweet or a little hot. It depends on your preference. The filling must be placed inside the wrappers and then the wrapper should be rolled to form a cylinder. Then it is deep fried.


Chow Mein

Chow Mein means ‘stir-fried’. First, the noodles are cooked over boiling water and then it is cooled down. You can add meat, vegetables, prawn, etc. on the noodles. Things like meat and prawn should be cooked before. Then everything must be stir-fried. You can add your favorite sauce to it in order to enhance its taste and flavor.



It is one of the oldest foods that is eaten in North China. Minced meat and vegetables are placed inside the thin dough-like skin and then it is cooked using steam. Dumplings are very healthy food as there is the least use of oil when preparing it.

Whenever you go to a Chinese restaurant, you must try out these authentic Chinese dishes. Choose the restaurant based on reputation so that you can get the actual taste of these foods.

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