So you like Chinese food? Well, people all over the world are very fond of Chinese food. The sauces they use in their food are just unique and tastes really good. Here are the most popular Chinese dishes that you must try.



Wontons are very popular in China and all over the world. It is a very traditional dish. Inside the dough, there can be meat or dried shrimp. You can either boil it and place it in your soup or fry it and eat it as an appetizer.


Spring rolls

These are cylindrically shaped rolls made with special spring roll wrappers. For the filling, you have a variety of options. You can choose vegetables, meat or a mixture of both. The taste of the filling can be sweet or a little hot. It depends on your preference. The filling must be placed inside the wrappers and then the wrapper should be rolled to form a cylinder. Then it is deep fried.


Chow Mein

Chow Mein means ‘stir-fried’. First, the noodles are cooked over boiling water and then it is cooled down. You can add meat, vegetables, prawn, etc. on the noodles. Things like meat and prawn should be cooked before. Then everything must be stir-fried. You can add your favorite sauce to it in order to enhance its taste and flavor.



It is one of the oldest foods that is eaten in North China. Minced meat and vegetables are placed inside the thin dough-like skin and then it is cooked using steam. Dumplings are very healthy food as there is the least use of oil when preparing it.

Whenever you go to a Chinese restaurant, you must try out these authentic Chinese dishes. Choose the restaurant based on reputation so that you can get the actual taste of these foods.

4 most popular Chinese dishes that you must try